interview preparation: Important questions asked in an interview and know their correct answers

interview preparation: Important questions asked in an interview and know their correct answers-

interview preparation: Sometimes we have a lot of ability, but still, we do not get that job due to one wrong answer in the interview. Here we will know about the common questions asked in the interview and how to answer those questions correctly.

While searching for a job, we prepare the answers to many questions and think that this time I will do everything right, but perhaps the answers to many questions that we have prepared are not correct and finally, we do not address the job.

Sometimes we have a lot of ability, but still, we do not get that job due to one wrong answer in the interview. Here we will know about the common questions asked in the interview and how to answer those questions correctly.

1. Tell us about yourself- (interview preparation)

Commonly given answers:
Usually, the first question asked in an interview is to tell something about yourself. Mostly we start introducing ourselves in English to make our impression on the interviewer, and most of the people in India do not know how to speak English well, even though they can understand but are unable to speak properly. 

due to which the first impression becomes wrong, or sometimes those who know English well but what and how to tell, get confused in it or repeat things again and again while telling.

What should be the correct answer:
First of all during the interview if you cannot speak in English then do not start, it is not necessary to speak English or answer in English. If you do not know English properly then you can introduce yourself in Hindi.

Although speaking English is necessary for some companies, if you have to go for an interview in such a company, then you should prepare well for English.

It often happens that people start telling about their parents and the rest of the family, while the question is that you tell about yourself.

Special efforts need to be given on the fact that the answer to this question varies from company to company.

This means to say that your answer should be similar to the field the company belongs to. Your answer will tell the interviewer whether you are the right candidate or not.

2. What is the information about our company – (interview preparation)

Commonly given answers: If you do not know much in advance, either we get into thinking about the company for some time or due to our lack of preparation beforehand, we are not able to answer this question properly.

During this, we can tell only as much about the company as we have heard from other people. We are not able to tell the company about the struggle and its purpose.

What should be the correct answer: For this, you should do a little research about that company. Like, what kind of work does the company (institution) you want to go to, who are its competitors in the market, what is the attitude of the institution in the market.

What role will you play in taking the institute forward? And one special thing is that you should never say negative things about the company or praise too much because both these things are not good for you.

3. Why do you want to work in our company –

Commonly given answers: Many times people have to say that they just want a good job so that they can solve their living needs, and the right environment to work in.

By giving such answers, we are not able to create any importance in the mind of the person interviewing us.

What should be the correct answer: This is a very important question which is asked in almost every company. Answer this question carefully because of the information gathered about the company.

It is important to have truth in the answer, otherwise, your false talk or things made at your level will be caught here immediately. Present it in such a way that you have come to this institution to join for a long time.

You should also include in your answer that your experience also belongs to the same field in which your company belongs, so I will be able to use my experience in the right direction by joining you and by doing this a symbiotic relationship between me and the company will be created in which I Will do my best to the company and the company will provide me growth opportunities.

4. Why did you leave the previous job –(interview preparation)

Common Answers: Always this answer is very important for the job we get and we tend to miss it. We answer something like this, I left the last job because my salary was low there, the way of working there was not special, and secondly, I was not enjoying working there, like this By answering, we show our lack of self to the person interviewing.

What should be the correct answer: Answer such questions in the affirmative. Explain something in such a way that the person interviewing understands that leaving that company means just trying to do something new creative. If there has been any problem in that job, then do not mention it or tell it lightly.

Whatever you say, tell it cheerfully and end the conversation by bringing it on a positive note. And secondly, even after working hard there, I was not being given a salary according to my ability.

By answering in this way, we can also say about our salary without doing evil to other companies.

5. Any special ability in you –

Commonly given answers: Most of the people do not know what their qualifications are, they tell to make their impression that I am hardworking, working till late nights or even on holidays is not a problem for me.

What should be the correct answer: Every person can tell it positively according to his ability because everyone has a different ability, just say whatever he says like this – I can work hard, a company with other employees Striving for the advancement of, always working with positive thinking.

6. Why the company should take you –

Common Answers: We often answer such questions that I am very hardworking, my way of working is good, I can work with a lot of hard work and dedication.

What should be the correct answer: You tell them that the work you do is needed in the company, and you can take your experience on the path of success by joining the institute. If possible, you can give your views on some points that take the institute forward.

7. How much salary is expected –(interview preparation)

Common Answers: Always asking this question, we answer that the salary I was getting in the previous company was not that good, so I used to get 15 thousand there, I want me to get 20 thousand here. It would be wrong to say, demanding a salary is wrong in this way.

What should be the correct answer: This question is always asked. It has to be answered very wisely. So don’t answer it first and say ‘although this is a very difficult answer’, it would be better if you tell me how much you are willing to give me according to the company’s norms.

In many cases, the interviewer says that he will tell you later. In such a situation, say – ok looking at the work, I am expecting a good salary.

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