Avatar 2 Review: "Will it sink Bollywood's boat again?" Bhaukaal Hai Avatar is a game by High VFX.

Avatar 2 Review: “Will it sink Bollywood’s boat again?” Bhaukaal Hai Avatar is a game by High VFX.

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Avatar 2 Review Hindi: While Bollywood films are facing the brunt of one flop after another, Hollywood filmmakers have given a flurry of hits in India this year. After MCU’s Spiderman 3, Doctor Strange 2 and Thor Love and Thunder movie, now Avatar 2 The Way Of Water movie has also started showing its game in Indian cinema.

Avatar: The Way of Water Movie is making a comeback almost a decade after its first part. For this, the director of the film James Cameron has to be praised that even after so long he has not tampered with the original story line of his film and has kept his original line. Let’s know Avatar 2 Review Hindi and see how much power this film has to run in Indian cinema.

Avatar: The Way of Water Cast & Crew

name of the movieAvatar: The Way of Water Cast & Crew
Banner20th century Fox
directorJames Cameron
the creatorJon Landau, James Cameron
AuthorJames Cameron
StyleAction, Adventure, Fantasy
cinematographerRussell Carpenter
Avatar 2 Review Hindi

Avatar 2 Review Hindi The Way Of Water

It is not an easy task to make the second part of any such hit film which is an example in itself, which has set a new landmark by breaking the records of all the films in the world. And that too after almost a decade when people have given the status of a “masterpiece” to the film. If there is any disturbance in the second part of the film, then the fans of the film become the enemies of the film.

But Avatar: The Way of Water Movie director James Cameron is praised for taking such a big risk. The 68-year-old producer, after watching his new film ‘Avatar The Way of Water’, understands the fighting spirit in him.

Watching the movie ‘Avatar The Way of Water’ is an amazing experience, especially if you are watching it in an IMAX theatre. Director James Cameron has completely succeeded in taking the audience into the world of the ocean waves, its depths and its creatures. The film is so tremendous that while you are watching it, your attention will not go anywhere else.

Avatar 2 Review Hindi The Way Of Water: Story

Avatar The Way Of Water movie is over three hours long and is a story of family values, human relations and social concepts. The story begins in the same Pandora where in the previous film the humans of the earth were in search of a precious mineral. In the film ‘Avatar’, it was shown that in order to go inside Pandora, scientists prepare bodies like the inhabitants there and artificially transfer the thinking, feelings and reactions of real humans, it was called Avatar.

It is similar to how we can choose our avatar while playing a video game and then go into the video game world to destroy the enemies. In the previous film these avatars were controlled from the laboratory. Now this story of Avatars has come 10 years ahead.

By the end of the previous film, Jake Sully’s avatar is separated from his original human body and becomes part of the world of Na’vi, the inhabitants of Pandora. Jake Sally is married to Neytiri and their family has grown to four.

Avatar 2 Review Hindi Features

Although Avatar movie is a special movie in itself, but it is also necessary to know what is its specialty from the point of view of cinema.

Avatar 2 Review Hindi- Human emotions are included

Human sensibilities figure heavily in this tale of revenge against Jack Surley, a rebel who settled on Pandora and captured Pandora. If seen, the entire film revolves around Jack Sully and his family, narrated with great emotion by director James Cameron.

Avatar 2 Review Hindi – Watch the movie in 3D Screen

The sequel to the film ‘Avatar’ released after 13 years.Avatar – The Way of Water‘ Such a beautiful fusion of James Cameron’s wonderful imagination and modern technology that it deserves to be seen on the big screen of the cinema and preferably in 3D format. The film is 3.12 hours long and in such a situation, the film also gives a feeling of dullness at some places.

shoot happened under water

As the name of the film suggests, a major part of the story of the film has been shot in and under water. Although there are many such Hollywood movies in which we have seen sequences that breathe underwater, but ‘Avatar – The Way of Water’ is something else.

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