Cirkus Movie Review: Trying to laugh forcefully is useless, there is neither comedy nor adventure! 2023

Cirkus Movie Review: Trying to laugh forcefully is useless, there is neither comedy nor adventure! 2023

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Circus Movie Review in Hindi: Rohit Shetty’s new film Circus, director of Bollywood’s blockbuster films, was released on the occasion of Christmas to reach the audience, which might not live up to the expectations.

Cirkus film was eagerly awaited by the audience as it features a stellar comedy cast including Ranveer Singh, Pooja Hegde and Jacqueline Fernandez. The whole team of Rohit Shetty has promoted Circus loudly that it is a comedy film, but perhaps Rohit Shetty could not give his flavor in this film for which he is known. Let’s know Cirkus Movie Review.

Cirkus Movie Review

Cirkus Movie Review: The story of the film is nothing special according to us, in which it is told that due to the disturbances at the time of birth, the twins are separated, but after a few years, when those children coincidentally come to the same place, their twin forms An attempt has been made to bring comedy in this film due to the doubt caused by the colour.

But this story is very good to hear, but it has been tried before, yes, it came in 1982. Grape The story of the film was similar, in which Sanjeev Kumar and Deven Verma were seen together on the screen.

This story is also a play by Shakespeare.the comedy of errors‘, but now in 2022, Rohit Shetty has once again tried to bring a new style to the same story. He has also tried to connect this story with his popular film series Golmaal franchise.

Cirkus Movie Review – Story

Cirkus film is also inspired from Bollywood film Golmaal Again, in which, Jamnadas Orphanage has four twins, when two different families come to adopt them, the doctor (Murli Sharma) uses the twins to prove his point. Let’s exchange. He wants to show the world that for a child, it is not his lineage, but his upbringing that matters.

Both the families have named their children Roy (Ranveer Singh) and Joy (Varun Sharma). Thus one pair reaches a businessman’s house in Bangalore, while the other reaches the circus owner’s in Ooty.

The four are living their lives peacefully, when one day, after almost 30 years, Roy and Joy from Bangalore have to come to Ooty for some work. The confusion starts from here, now there are two Roys and two Joys in Ooty city, sometimes people collide with one and sometimes with the other.

The more confused people are, the more confused both Roy and Joy are. What will happen in such a situation when all four will come face to face? Will they find out the truth about their swap? The story revolves around this.

Cirkus Movie Review – Acting

Ranveer Singh is one fine actor who has given back to back stellar performances. But in terms of acting, Circus is one of his weaker films. This film, this story does not do justice to the talent of Ranveer Singh.

The screenplay of the film is so weak that they don’t have much to do. Neither does he pair well with Pooja Hegde nor with Jacqueline. The chemistry of Ranveer Singh and Varun Sharma is also okay at some places.

Pooja Hegde should pay a lot of attention to her screen presence. At the same time, Jacqueline had a very weak character. If seen, the real stars of this film are its supporting actors.

Sanjay Mishra, Siddharth Jadhav have some important scenes where they give their best. But this time Rohit Shetty has left the characters of actors like Murali Sharma and Johnny Liver very weak.

Cirkus Movie Review – Direction

Be it directing comedy films or action films, Rohit Shetty has a style all his own and he is the best at it. But let us tell you that Circus is his weakest film till date. The screenplay written by Yunus Sajwal is very loose, due to which the film looks average in every respect, despite having a strong starcast.

Rohit Shetty has tried to make people a bit nostalgic through sometimes retro songs and sometimes Golmaal twists. The film gets a bit better in the second half. But from the very beginning the story becomes so flat that it becomes difficult for you to stick with the film.

Not only this, perhaps this will be the first time when Rohit Shetty has not done justice to his characters as well. All the characters seem incomplete. Whereas, the biggest regret is the climax.. the way the entire set up of the circus has been ruined in this film.. reminds you of “Phir Hera Pheri” where the circus sequence was brilliantly shot. it was done.

Cirkus Movie Review – Music

The music of the film is composed by Devi Sri Prasad, Badshah and Lijo George-DJ Chetas. The album of the film is very weak. No song reaches your heart and mind except the song “Current Laga Re” picturized on Ranveer-Deepika. There are only three songs in the film, but they are so average that they do not leave any impact on the film.

‘Circus Movie Review’ fails to arouse curiosity

Rohit Shetty is a well-known director who started his career with the film ‘Zameen’, Ajay Devgan remained a permanent figure in Rohit’s films. Then when Rohit lost his senses, he took Ranveer Singh along.

The problem with Ranveer Singh is that his fans wanted to see him grow up to become Amitabh Bachchan and he is enjoying being Govinda more. Audience curiosity about people working in cinema is the first sign of success of films.

There is no circus like Raj Kapoor’s film ‘Mera Naam Joker’. The circus that is seen in this story, which started in 1942, is very fake and this is because even a small glimpse of animals is not seen in this whole circus.

Sanjay Mishra became the “troublemaker”

Cirkus Movie Review: The film is of Ranveer Singh but the best work in this film is of Sanjay Mishra. Mukesh Tiwari also impresses. Siddharth Jadhav became a victim of over acting. Tiku Talsania, Brijendra Kala pair in ‘Angoor’ fails to make an impact like CS Dubey and Yunus Parvez. Sanjay is the only one boarding the bus whose gestures make people laugh a little.

He could not impress in either of the characters of Ranveer Singh’s double role. They should stop making Deepika Padukone the main attraction of their movies. The song of both is the most obscene song of this decade. There is neither humor nor makeup in this. Like this song, the choreography in the rest of the songs is very poor.

Clearly the dance direction has nothing to do with the rhythm of the song, with the beats running on a one to eight count. Not a single song in the film stands the test of time.

Is Circus Movie Remake?

Yes, it is largely a remake of the 1982 movie Angoor and based on William Shakespeare’s The Comedy Of Errors.

Who is the director of Circus movie?

Circus movie is directed by Rohit Shetty.

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