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How to delete Hard Disk Partition in Computer and Laptop?

How to delete Hard Disk Partition in Computer and Laptop?

What is hard disk partition and how to delete hard disk partition in computer and laptop

Many times it is seen that for some reason we have to delete the partition present in our computer and laptop storage device and if this work is not done properly then we may have to face some other problems, that is why Hard Disk Partition Delete should be done in a systematic way so that your personal data is not deleted, so today in this article we will tell you the right way to delete hard disk partition and it can be done very carefully. easy process. Therefore, through the following few methods, we provide you detailed information on how to delete hard disk partition under your computer and laptop.

How to delete Hard Disk Partition in Computer and Laptop?

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If it is understood in simple language why delete hard disk partition, then you should understand that when a room is made to keep a particular thing and after that it is not needed, then it is broken and used for another. Is. It is merged into the room, so that these two rooms together make a big room, similarly the partition is also a similar part of the computer and laptop, which is made to keep a particular file, but when there is no access to it. If not needed, a partition with more space is merged with another partition.

Delete Hard Disk Partition

It is very easy to delete hard disk partition in your computer and laptop, for this it is necessary to follow a correct process, if seen, there are many tools available on the internet with the help of which hard disk partition can be deleted. But in this, we will give you information about deleting partition with the help of default disk management tool of Windows, which is absolutely free, with the help of free disk management of Windows, you can use storage drive, partition. And also can Delete, Extend, Shrink, Format the Partition.

Some special rules to delete Hard Disk Partition

  • First of all, in order to delete your hard disk partition, you need to make sure that you are an administrator user, that is, you have full rights that allow you to change any settings of the computer or laptop.
  • There should be more than one partition in the hard disk of your computer or laptop apart from the C drive.
  • Whenever you delete the partition, do not delete the partition named C Drive at all because the operating system is installed in it, its deletion can increase the problem in your computer or laptop.
  • If you're going to delete a hard disk partition, back up all important files on it.
  • If you want to remove hard disk partition in your laptop, then your laptop should be fully charged.

    Process to Delete Hard Disk Partition

    • To delete the hard disk partition in your computer and laptop, you must first go to the Windows search bar and type Disk Management and then open it.
    • After that select any partition you want to delete.
    • Now after selecting you have to right click and then select delete volume.
    • Now you will be asked for data backup which will be a kind of warning where you will have to click on Yes option.
    • Now after a few minutes the partition you have selected will be deleted and a new Unallocated space will appear in front of you and you can also increase this free space from another drive, about which we are going to give you the following information.

      Process to Extend Unallocated Partition

      Unallocated partition refers to the empty space that neither has a name nor is anything placed under it, later it is made a new partition which is used to expand with another partition. So next we are going to tell you how to expand Unallocated Partition.

      • Extending a partition keeps the current size of the partition larger than it was before, meaning more space is visible below it, so it needs to be partitioned.
      • Select the partition you want to extend
      • After this you have to click on Extend option and click on Next
      • After this, you can easily increase any memory size you want to increase and then click on Next.
      • After which easily your partition will be extended in a few minutes, so that you will be able to see the increased size of the existing one.

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